A few days ago I found myself in the middle of a conversation between a master and a housewife. They talked about how they got to that situation. The reasons were different, one had chosen freely, the other had been chosen by his company. Now they both did the same thing, work at home and received the same remuneration: none.

Being a housewife (or housewife) is not paid and also has no price …

Are you sure it’s priceless?

It is true that it is a job that does not contribute income to the family economy, but it is no less true that it prevents expenses from being generated. There are many tasks in the daily life of the householder: taking care of the children, cleaning, cooking or washing, and ironing, among others.

If you missed that job, what would happen?

That is where we begin to quantify the price of being a homemaker or master. If you are not you would have to ” outsource ” those tasks, and pay for them. The Higher Council for Scientific Research estimates that the work of housewives is equivalent to about 425,000 million dollars.

Insurance for the work of the master (or housewife)

Statistically, the home is one of the places where more accidents occur, perhaps because we feel confident. There are all kinds: falls burns with oil or the iron, cuts with knives, or scissors. These are small or large accidents suffered by those who are exposed to them, the housewife and mistress.

You will agree with me that working at home has its risks. Unforeseen events such as accidents, illnesses, or the absence of those who carry them out, advise insuring against them. Consequently, there are many insurers that have created specific insurance for masters and housewives.

The first thing you have to do when looking for good insurance is to assess the guarantees you need. For example, insurance that covers you with an economic compensation that serves to pay the salary of whoever replaces you in your job, if you suffer an accident or illness.

This is just one of the many coverages you can choose from. But you can also include medical assistance in case of illness, home assistance, or the hiring of capital in the case of permanent disability or serious illness. And why not, in case of death the payment of capital to your family.

I want to insist that you should not underestimate the risks involved in working at home. Therefore, you should choose the guarantees that best suit you, but without forgetting that insurance is not free, so you should think about whether it has a place in your budget.

Now tell me, what risks do you consider that you have to insure as a master or housewife?


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